Chuck Hayward

Chuck Hayward writes things. Occasionally they’re funny. But sometimes they’re just grocery lists or Yelp reviews. Every morning he wakes up and asks, “How can I mine the depths of my dysfunction for the amusement of others?” Every night he goes to sleep and asks, “Is it lame if I get a humidifier?” Luckily Chuck has convinced a few people to pay him for his maniacal musings. Those people include the showrunners of some hilarious comedy programs: NBC’s Bent, Nick at Nite’s Wendell & Vinnie, and most recently NBC’s One Big Happy (please tune in March 17th after Undateable). On said shows, Chuck famously included a clause in his contract requiring his bosses to throw a fresh smelt into his mouth for each successful joke pitch. Smelt are very high in Omega-3’s. Call APA or Heroes and Villains for more info on Chuck, or if you just want to chat.

CONTACT: Mikhail Nayfeld, Heroes and Villains, (323) 850-2990; Lindsay Howard, David Meese, Malcolm Hamilton, APA, (310) 888-4200

I’m Not Your Gay Friend