Cynthia Greenburg

When Cynthia moved from New York to L.A., the advice she got was: Focus, so people know what to do with you. She chose to write comedy, influenced by the iconic sitcoms of her youth. That focus paid off. The same year her first staff job wrapped, she shot a pilot she co-wrote with Judy Toll, Me and My Needs. Staffing came next. She wrote for many seasons on Less Than Perfect, followed by other half-hours. After several years, the work slowed and Cynthia took a job at a bookstore. The authors she met inspired her with their tales of perseverance. Encouraged, she switched her focus to one-hours, developing an idea she had wanted to write for years. Some in the business warned her: transitioning from comedy to drama would be tough. But writing a new genre was invigorating. The result is Jamestown, a time travel show with a teen heroine.

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