Earl Davis

Earl relocated to Los Angeles from New Jersey and quickly discovered the drastic move had not changed him at all… he was still broke, unemployed, and clueless. He finally landed a job as a writer’s assistant, working on such shows as The PJ’s, Friends, and Two and a Half Men. During this time he was selected for the Warner Bros. Sitcom Writers Workshop, and also made it to the finals of both the Disney Fellowship Program and the Warner Bros. Drama Writers Workshop with a Sopranos spec.

Earl’s first break was writing for the ABC sitcom, Less Than Perfect, followed by FOX’s The War At Home. His latest gig was on TBS’s sitcom, Sullivan & Son, which was set in a bar. Earl enjoyed it so much he vowed to spend much more time in bars. In fact, he probably typed this bio at a bar…so please forgive any tippos.

CONTACT: Chelsea Radler, Ashley Holland, Jacquie Katz, Nancy Jones, agents, CAA, (424) 288-2000; Geoff Silverman, manager, Cartel, (323) 654-3333

Whiskey Falls