Jeanne Leitenberg

Like a lot of people living in Los Angeles, Jeanne is (un)originally from New York. In another totally clichéd move, she attended college in Boston (specifically Emerson College. No football team but lots of drag shows. It was the best). Jeanne spent five seasons OMG’ing it up as the Special Projects Administrator on The CW series Gossip Girl. One of her main responsibilities was writing the show’s official blog (which kind of means she’s like the real-life Gossip Girl). She also wrote two episodes of the series. Most recently, Jeanne was staffed on ABC Family's Chasing Life where she wrote four episodes during the show’s two season run. Her first play, The Babysitters Club: Mary Anne and the Wedding Party, made its premiere at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade in LA. Jeanne is a Miranda Hobbes sun with an Angela Chase rising and a Rhoda Morgenstern moon.

CONTACT: Felicia Prinz, Verve, (310) 558-2424; Brendan Bragg, Haven Entertainment (323) 272-3433

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