Jennifer Yale

Jennifer grew up outside of Chicago in a town similar to the one in Footloose. Needless to say, writing for television was not considered a practical career. So after graduating from Notre Dame with a business degree, she went to work for Arthur Andersen. Quickly realizing it was the evil empire and about to go under with Enron, Jennifer moved to Los Angeles where she landed her first job in Hollywood as the writer’s assistant to Mel Brooks and Director of Development at Brooksfilms Ltd. The best film school and masters writing class around.

Jennifer finally started her writing career in children’s animation where she won a Daytime Emmy, before moving to live action television as a staff writer on Showtime’s Dexter. Since then, Jennifer has written on Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons and WGN’s Underground. Most recently, Jennifer has been staffed as a Co-Producer on a new series for FX.

CONTACT: Frank Jung and Margaret Mendelson, CAA, (424) 288-2000