Lisa Schultz Boyd

Lisa Schultz Boyd hails from Chicago (Go Cubbies!) and received her degree from Boston University before moving to L.A. where she began producing reality shows like Big Brother and American Idol. Lisa’s premiere drama series experience was on Judging Amy for CBS, which launched her onto several more CBS dramas, including Hawaii Five-0, where she co-wrote her first episode of television. At Starz, Lisa became a staff writer on the sexy pirate series, Black Sails. Lisa’s pilot about an all-female army is a tribute to the women with grit who have inspired her the most: Aline Schultz, Allison Baughman, Carol Barbee, Maddie Hayes, Buffy Summers, Sydney Bristow, Kara Thrace, Dana Scully, and most recently, Michonne and Brienne of Tarth.

Lisa is married to Photographer, Jim Boyd, and together they have a daughter, Haley (6).

CONTACT: Michael Van Dyck, Paradigm, (310) 288-8000

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