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Photos: Michael Jones


Adrian A. Cruz
In the arid industrial town of Irwindale, CA strange things are afoot: other worldly monsters are taking over the bodies of the locals, wearing their skins, preparing a full-scale invasion. Kirby Reid—a man who’s never done anything in his life but drink, make trouble and disappoint the ones he loves—is the only one who can save the town that has always labelled him “loser.”

Rachel Feldman
A maverick sex therapist who teeters on the slippery slope of ethical justifications for the sake of her patients, breaks taboos of every kind in the search for human connection.

Sharon Hoffman
The Doubling
After a college nanny is murdered, a new student is hired to watch the daughter of a reclusive billionaire. Jane Eyre set in the corporate spy world.

Peter Hume
Righteous Texas
“Puts the blood, in blood relatives."
In a small West Texas town, two cousins—one a sheriff's deputy and one the owner of a gun superstore—find themselves on opposite sides of a gun trafficking investigation. When the Feds descend on on this quiet town, the powderkeg blows, threatening to expose old wounds that have divided the family for decades.

Donald Joh
A charming sociopath upends the life of a mild-mannered accountant when he blackmails him into an elaborate con game.

Tonya Kong
Skin Deep
The matriarch of a cosmetics empire fights against the greatest threat to the company: her own family.

Zak Shaikh
A crime drama that follows a disgraced US Army psy-ops officer who is hired as a private detective to find people who have runaway from their regular lives. In each episode, she is ultimately tasked to solve the psychological traumas that forced them to leave.

Mollie & Ben St. John
City of Children
In the city of children, kids don't grow up to be adults—they evolve into monsters. Society is built around that evolution—young children kill their parents when they start to turn, 12-year-old girls are encouraged to procreate, and one's worth to the society must be proven daily. It’s the power dynamics of Game of Thrones in a post-apocalyptic Lord of the Flies world...until our hero, Anne, makes a discovery that could change everything.


Eddie Quintana
City #2
After the zombie apocalypse, the government gathers 1,000 of the country's leaders in art, science, culture, and politics and puts them in a fortified city to ensure their survival. This show is not about those people. City #2 is a single-camera comedy about everyone else. It’s about the regular people—average-looking, average-intelligence, slightly racist—who built their own city just a hundred miles down the road and are doing their best to survive.

Hilary Weisman Graham
After Birth
An open adoption creates a uniquely blended family when a couple of married white, 30-something hipsters adopt the biological son of a poor, black teenage mom.