Originally from London, and of Indian/Pakistani descent, Zak attended the London School of Economics and worked for Goldman Sachs before moving to L.A. to attend the USC Screenwriting Program. He recently completed a pilot (E.S.L.) for Warner Bros and Fox, and previously he was a staff writer for the TBS series Sullivan & Son. He is currently developing a series about extradition with showrunner Frank Spotnitz and has a series with Norwegian network NRK set for production in August 2017. As a feature writer, Zak was an honoree of the WGAW Feature Writer Access Project and has written numerous book adaptations. This includes A Matter of Honour, the best-selling novel of renowned British novelist Jeffrey Archer, as well as BBC journalist John Simpson’s memoirs about mercenary activity in late 1970s Southern Africa. Zak lives permanently in Los Angeles where he plays soccer every week with other immigrants—all of whom call it “football.”

Runaways (script available upon request)
A crime drama that follows a disgraced US Army psy-ops officer who is hired as a private detective to find people who have runaway from their regular lives. In each episode, she is ultimately tasked to solve the psychological traumas that forced them to leave.

CONTACT: Jennifer Good, Paradigm, (310) 288-8000