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Samuel Garza Bernstein
The Secret World of Danny Rizik
Pop star fantasies, war, child snatching, and Valley of the Dolls—True tales of a precocious Tween in 1970s Texas.

Marla DuMont
The Sex Offender Next Door
Claire (early 30s, impetuous and blindly optimistic) has always believed in love, but love has never really believed in her. After a relationship with her married boss goes south, Claire's short-sighted attempt at revenge lands her on the national sex offender registry and she is sentenced to live in Hope Haven, a rehab community of low-level sex offenders…

Matt McConkey
Hey Girl
When a gay serial monogamist is left at the altar, he attempts to rebuild his life with the help of his callous friends. An ensemble comedy about the less likable members of the LGBTQ community.

Ryan Sandoval
The Stadium Usher
When an overzealous stadium usher at a historic ballpark questions his purpose in life, the minimum wage employee embarks on a quest of self-discovery. This hero’s journey is Field of Dreams by way of customer service—a timeless epic told through the unseen venue workers who make American’s favorite pastime happen…


Sean Calder
Maria Full of Grace
Rising star trauma surgeon Maria Vasquez starts experiencing severe hallucinations and behavioral shifts after she’s diagnosed with a brain tumor. While fighting tooth and nail to maintain the life she's painstakingly built, Maria is forced to question not only her reality but her own sense of self, as neurological shifts begin to warp the very foundations of her personality.

Juan Carlos Fernandez
Sunpatch Alley
“Sesame’s mean streets”: In the tumultuous 1970s, a first-generation American working on a children’s television show struggles to balance her personal and professional existences while facing an overbearingly conservative mother, an alcoholic host stuck in the ‘50s and the new station owner—a capo for the mob.

Hannah Park
Imposter Syndrome
A seemingly perfect teenager's life spirals out of control with one bad decision, leading her down a dark path of lies. Inspired by the Jennifer Pan murder case.

Rick Marín
The One-Percent Solution
This darkly comic drama takes Shakespeare’s “Let’s kill all the lawyers” to the next level: Let’s kill all the rich people—at least the ones who deserve it. A down-and-out novelist and a rogue billionaire embark on a Star Chamber for our time about money, social justice and the outer limits of friendship.

Kristen SaBerre
Code Noir
The biracial daughter of a French nobleman is sent to Louisiana to manage her father's slave plantation. Her duty to God, Country, and family are challenged for the first time by a newly discovered connection to her race.


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