Chase Heinrich and Micah Steinberg are story editors on Raven’s Home. They were first staffed on Nickelodeon’s long-running family comedy The Thundermans where they resided for its final two seasons. The pair formed their writing partnership after meeting as assistants on Disney XD’s Pair of Kings. There, they sold and wrote their first freelance episode. Chase went on to assist the writers and provide punch-up on CBS’s Two and a Half Men and Mom where he was mentored by veteran comedy writer Marco Pennette. Micah became the writers’ assistant on TV Land’s Kirstie and The Exes as well as ABC’s The Conners. They are currently in development with Disney Channel and Disney+ and are pitching projects around town.

Grindrs Keepers
When a gay man’s attempt to come out to his family over the holidays fails once again, he finds the acceptance he craves from the family of a one-night stand he met on Grindr.

CONTACT: Chase Heinrich & Micah Steinberg; Stephen Marks, Dialed-in Entertainment, (323) 531-7999