As a little girl in Rio de Janeiro, Sabrina never imagined where her love of math and science would take her. She went to MIT, pursued aerospace engineering, and designed command sequences for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Sabrina then switched focus, earning an MFA in Cinema-Television from USC while teaching for their Department of Physics & Astronomy.

After graduating, she ran a small production company that catered to corporate clients. Sabrina now writes character-driven dramas. She got her first staffing opportunity on Seal Team and is currently enjoying the Big Apple as she works in her second writers’ room.

Die Spinne
In 1950 Spain, an Israeli intelligence officer and an American heiress take over the identity of a presumed-dead high level Nazi officer and his wife in order to infiltrate Die Spinne (The Spider), a secret underground organization which helped thousands of Nazis flee Germany after the war.

CONTACT: Sabrina Almeida; Kendrick Tan, Carrie Isgett, Lit Entertainment Group, (310) 988-7700