Plus, Emerald Fennell and how we’re still coping (or not) with COVID
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JANUARY 15, 2020

Spotlight On: Find A Writer

Are you sure your representation information is up to date?

If your representation status has changed over the course of the Agency Campaign, it might not be.

Find A Writer is the authoritative public database on Guild members. In April 2019, when members terminated relationships with non-franchised agencies, those agencies were subsequently hidden from members’ Find A Writer profiles. Since then, as each agency negotiated a franchise agreement with the Guild, unless a member had already changed agencies, this representation information automatically reappeared.

To update your profile, simply reach out to the Guild. Contact the Agency Department via email or by calling (323) 782-4502.

High-Budget SVOD Residuals: How Do They Work?

Domestic subscriber tiers, program length, and exhibition year determine amounts.

Residuals are compensation paid for the reuse of a credited writer’s work. When you receive credit on produced Guild-covered material, you are entitled to compensation if the material is reused. If you have written an episode of a high-budget series, or an original feature for a subscription streaming service, you might be wondering about your residuals.

As a result of the 2007 strike, WGA members won jurisdiction over writing for the Internet. This has proven to be an important victory that has continued to pay off for members. Subscription streaming services are on track to become the largest employment market for writers in the near future, and the Guild continues to make improvements to these residuals in each MBA.

So, what do the residuals look like for High-Budget Subscription Video on Demand (HBSVOD)? Read more >>

Where Are We Now?

Psychotherapist Dennis Palumbo gives an update on how writers are adapting after 10 months of staying safer-at-home.

Here’s a question I’ve been asked recently:

“Now that we’ve lived through more of the pandemic, do you see a shift in how your therapy patients are coping?”

My answer: Yes and no.

Yes, in terms of a shift in responses among my writer patients, though it ranges all over the place. Some patients seem to have a kind of resignation to the fact that we don’t know how, or if, this lockdown will end. Read more >>

Written By Web Extra: Her Dark Materials

With her feature premiere Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell creates a funny, horrifying world unto itself. Only in the latest Written By Web Extra.

Promising Young Woman is a dark comedy revenge thriller romance about a young woman named Cassie who is haunted by an event in her past. She goes out to clubs and bars at night and pretends to be drunk, waiting for men to take her home, and once there, while they are in some way trying to take advantage of her condition, she reveals she’s stone-cold sober. “It’s a sort of road movie on foot,” Fennell says. “It’s somebody’s journey through their past, visiting people on the way, to try to make sense of something that happened a long time ago that will just never ever make sense.” Read more >>

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