Plus: What does my showrunner expect from me? And, myWGA launches new payment lookup.
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JANUARY 21, 2022

How to Book and Nail Meetings

Tips for meeting prep, etiquette, and how to follow up.

If you are new to the industry and just beginning to meet with execs and potential reps, you may be wondering how to get the most out of your meetings. Hosted by the Writers Guild Foundation at the “virtually in-person” WGFestival 2021, The Flash co-producer Christina M. Walker gave attendees some tips and tricks for meeting prep, what to expect, and how to follow up afterward. Here are some key takeaways that are good reminders for even the most seasoned of writers: Read more >>

Ask a Mentor: What’s My Job as a Staff Writer?

Jordana Arkin reframes the question and offers up some do’s and don’ts.

WGAW member and veteran TV writer-producer Jordana Arkin (Fuller House, Raven’s Home) has some clarification on the often-ambiguous role of a staff writer.

Question: As a staff writer, what is my job? Am I just there to learn? I'm just happy to be here, but how should I contribute? Read more >>

View Your Non-residuals Payments with This New Tool

Members can now search their payments not related to residuals, including foreign levies, legal settlements, contract settlements, and late payment claims.

A recent software development has allowed the Guild’s website to introduce a new feature in myWGA that allows members to view their payment records not related to residuals, such as foreign levies, legal settlements, contract settlements, and late payment claims. To search your payments, go to, log into your account, and select the “Non-residuals Payments” tab under the site’s main menu navigation. Read more >>

Signatory Alert

Do not work for these bad actors on the Strike/Unfair List.

When signatory companies undermine your rights or the terms of the MBA, the Guild holds them accountable. For certain types of unfair conduct, The WGAW Board of Directors may place a company or individual on the Strike/Unfair List. Read more >>

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