PLUS: Native American & Indigenous writers open letter to Hollywood, past Board members reflect on their periods of service, and upcoming events.
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OCTOBER 16, 2020

Introducing the Middle Eastern Writers Committee

Co-chairs of the newly formed committee, Paiman Kalayeh and Cameron Fay, discuss the foundation of the committee and what lies ahead.

While the Guild has established numerous member-driven committees to advocate on behalf of historically underrepresented writers, until recently, one group was missing from the mix: Middle Eastern writers. On August 31, the WGAW Board unanimously approved the formation of the Middle Eastern Writers Committee (MEWC), concluding a nearly decade-long journey. Read more >>


At Your Service

Four former Board members look back on their path to, and through, Guild leadership.

A union’s power is only as great as its members’ engagement. Though there are many ways to be involved in the Guild, for some members, joining the Board of Directors is the pinnacle of service. To salute those who have worked countless hours on behalf of their fellow writers, made personal sacrifices, and built our union into what it is today, WGAW Connect asked several former members of the WGAW Board of Directors to reflect on their period of service.

In response, they shared their experiences, insights, and challenges, as well as the value and impact of their accomplishments. Karen Harris discussed the importance of adapting and remaining resilient; Nancy De Los Santos shared the experience of being a first; Tom Schulman explored the power of solidarity; and David N. Weiss emphasized the value of an empowered and involved membership.


Native American & Indigenous Writers Committee Releases Open Letter to Hollywood

The committee calls for more authentic and equitable telling of Native American and Indigenous narratives.

This Monday, the WGAW’s Native American & Indigenous Writers Committee (NAIWC) released an open letter addressing Hollywood’s lack of equitable representation and the pervasive misrepresentation of Native American and Indigenous Peoples. Yesterday, KPCC interviewed co-chairs Tazbah Rose Chavez and Anthony Florez about their powerful message. Read more >>


Upcoming Events

10/22 – Be the Change: Looking at Unexamined Assumptions On Set, On Screen, and in the Writers’ Room

A vital, timely panel on how writers at every level can address social justice issues in the writers’ room and on set, creating a safe space for all. RSVP

10/27 – Should I Incorporate? And Other Burning Questions About Finance

This panel will demystify the incorporation process by presenting case studies of low-, mid-, and high-income levels of TV and feature writers. RSVP

10/29 – The Writers’ Room Today and Beyond: Discover the Latest Apps TV Writers are Using (That Actually Work)

A discussion about new technologies that writers are currently using in virtual writers’ rooms, and how these apps can simplify workflow while working remotely. RSVP

View the full calendar >>

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