Plus, the Veterans Writing Project and WGA coverage for animation deals.
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MAY 21, 2021

Call of Duty

WGAW members mentor military vets as part of WGF’s Veterans Writing Project.

On this Memorial Day, the Writers Guild Foundation honors the current participants and alumni from the Veterans Writing Project, the WGF’s yearlong mentorship program targeting emerging writers with U.S. military backgrounds.

Founded in 2010, the program welcomes 50–60 veterans each summer with a weekend writing retreat and pairs them with a WGAW member-mentor whom they’ll meet with regularly throughout the year. Their mission? To finish or fine-tune a screenplay or pilot script, which each veteran writer will pitch to a room of producers, executives, agents, and managers at the end of the program year. Read more >>


Ask a Mentor: Getting What You Want

The Goldbergs’ Peter Dirksen outlines what writers can do to create a strong working relationship with their agent.

Much has been said of late about how the relationship between writers and agents should work, but when it comes to your agent, what can you do to help create a partnership that works for you? The Goldbergs’ co-executive producer Peter Dirksen lists some concrete steps you can take to establish and maintain a rewarding working relationship with your rep, and explains why the key to getting what you want is knowing what you want.

Question: “What are things you should do to establish a good working relationship with your agent? I want to get along with them, but I don't want to be taken advantage of.” Read more >>


WGA Coverage for Animation Deals

Negotiate for the protections and benefits that come with a WGA contract.

Are you interested in selling or developing an animated project? If so, you may already know that you can negotiate WGA coverage, even though not all types of animation are automatically covered by the MBA. You must be clear up front that you want your project to be WGA-covered and in some cases be willing to push hard for a WGA-covered deal.

Securing WGA coverage of your animated project has significant benefits, which can include: Read more >>

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