LGBTQ+ writers help expand transgender health benefits.
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AUGUST 9, 2022

Contract Enforcement Paid Writers Millions in 2021

Guild Residuals and Legal Departments enforce the MBA to combat studios’ problematic payment practices.

Last week, the Guild announced a recent landmark arbitration award involving undervaluation of imputed license fees by Netflix. What many members may not know is that this outcome was the result of the type of proactive contract enforcement the WGAW does every day.

In 2021, the Guild’s Legal Department collected more than $18 million in compensation, residuals, and pension & health contributions for members, as well as interest on those unpaid amounts, including $156,245 in interest for writers who had been paid late. Read more >>

How LGBTQ+ Writers Helped Expand Transgender Health Benefits for Guild Members

In their own words, hear from two members who advocated for, and helped to secure, inclusion of gender-affirming care in the PWGA Health Plan.

I’m Eleanor Jean and I’m a queer, trans female television writer. I began my transition six years ago, before I was a Writers Guild member, when I was on the “assistant track” and not making rent. I couldn’t imagine what my transition would look like, but I did know that, if I could somehow get staffed as a writer, I could join the WGA, and I would suddenly have “the best healthcare plan in town.” Read more >>

Signatory Alert: Tool Films Limited, Back to Baltimore Movie Inc

Do not work for bad actors on the Strike/Unfair List.

When signatory companies undermine your rights or the terms of the MBA, the Guild holds them accountable. For certain types of unfair conduct, The WGAW Board of Directors may place a company or individual on the Strike/Unfair List.

Please be advised that the following companies and individuals have been placed on the Strike/Unfair List for failure to participate in the arbitrator strike processes in connection with writers... Read more >>

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