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May 28, 2019

Dear Members,

As TV development season begins, the WGA will be launching new resources to help writers connect with partners to develop and sell new series.

The first of these resources is the Weekly TV Development Memo. Like the Weekly Feature Memo, the Weekly TV Development Memo will help connect writers looking to develop new projects with producers and studios. Writers will have the option to submit loglines for pitches and spec scripts – or simply provide a brief description for the type of shows they are interested in developing. 

Each week, submissions received by noon Friday will be bundled into a memo and sent the following Tuesday to subscribing TV PODs, producers, and development execs. With the Feature list, we had a rush of submissions at the outset. Consider waiting to submit until after the initial rush of submissions has subsided and the number of subscribers has risen. 

Current members will be allowed to make one submission per month to the Weekly TV Development Memo. We will be monitoring usage of the memo closely in order to decide how we might expand access to other members.

To submit to the Weekly TV Development Memo, click here.

Refer any producers or TV development executives who should receive this list here.

In June, we will also be launching the Development Submission System. Like the Staffing Submission System, this online portal will help TV and feature writers connect with open writing assignments and people looking for writers. Producers, PODs, executives, directors, and IP rights-holders will be able to post information about the type of projects they want to develop. Writers will be able to submit their credits, bio, and samples directly to specific companies they’d like to work with.

For writers who are new to development or just those looking to hone their pitching skills, the WGA will also be hosting a series of workshops in June and July. Experienced show creators will provide an overview of the TV development process and share their tips for how to put together a fantastic pitch.

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or working up your first pitch, the WGA is here to help all our members navigate TV development while we continue working to realign all agencies’ interests with the interests of writers. 

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