WGAW caucuses are open to both WGA members and non-members who work in the following areas. Find out about the benefits of joining and how to protect your rights as a writer.

  • Animation
    The purpose of the Animation Writers Caucus is to assist animation writers, to better their working circumstances and to cover animation writing under the WGA Minimum Basic Agreement.
  • Independent Film
    The Independent Writers Caucus was formed to advance and promote the creative freedom of all screenwriters – members and non-members.
  • Nonfiction
    Whether you are nonfiction writer working on basic cable, PBS, or for a feature film documentary, you can have your work protected by a WGA contract.
  • Videogames
    The Videogame Writers Caucus was formed to bring videogame writers into the Guild, better their working conditions, and to promote all WGAW writers to the gaming industry.