In the spring of 2003, the WGAW Board of Directors approved the launch of the Nonfiction Writers Caucus and since that time, membership has steadily grown. The caucus was formed to enhance and protect the rights of documentary writers and filmmakers, and those writing basic cable nonfiction and network reality programs. The caucus is open to WGA members and non-members who have worked in the nonfiction arena.


Nonfiction Writers Caucus members:

  • May receive all Guild mailings, communications, and WGAW publications
  • May receive invitations to NFWC-related events
  • May serve on the Nonfiction Writers Caucus Steering Committee and certain other WGAW committees as designated by the Board of Directors
  • May use the Guild’s Script Registration Service at a reduced rate for Guild members
  • May attend The Guild Screenings at the WGA theater subject to the annual availability of this program
  • May become members of the Musicians' Interguild Credit Union or its successor subject to the discretion of that entity's governing body
  • May be entitled to participate, if otherwise eligible, in any employment access program administered by the Guild 
  • Shall grant to the Guild exclusive authority to claim for their benefit any royalty, payment or remuneration of any kind attributable to writing services rendered under a collective bargaining agreement to which the Guild is a party

Download the Nonfiction Caucus Application