In order to ensure fair wages and benefits for all writers, the growing number of reality and game show programs must be covered by WGA contracts. Non-union writing affects the entire industry, depressing wages and benefits for all writers.

Reality Shows
The explosion of reality programming has led to more and more production companies employing writers without the protections of a Writers Guild contract. Large production companies avoid providing industry standard benefits--including employer-paid portable healthcare and pension, fair compensation, accurate writing credits, and more.

Game Shows
Although in the past many game shows have been covered under WGA agreements, networks are now categorizing game shows as "reality" and producing them non-union. Shows like  Hollywood Squares, Let's Make A Deal , and  Star Search  were at one time covered by a WGA contract. Currently, many reality shows are produced non-Guild and the writers on these shows are not receiving employer-paid portable health care, pension, and other standard benefits covered by a WGA contract.

Get Yourself Covered: Reality TV and Game Show Fact Sheet (.pdf)

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