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JT Allen
(Redemption, Geronimo, The Good Old Boys, Death in Paradise)

My Stupid Journal is the blog narrative of 12-year-old Daisy Tannenbaum, who, after punching a bully at school, gets sent to live in Paris with her eccentric Aunt Mill. Mischievous and sarcastic, Daisy has a nose for trouble. If you love Paris, you'll enjoy this blog. If you like spies, crooks, history or diamonds, you won't have such a bad time either.
Gary Apple
(The Sinbad Show, Get Smart [re-make]) is the funniest store in cyberspace. I have tried to combine my comedy writing experience with e-commerce. offers Stupid Candy, Stupid Gifts, and free Stupid Games and Stupid Jokes.
Adrienne Armstrong
([co-written with Martie Cook]: Alf, Charles In Charge, Joe's Life, Full House, and One West Waikiki )

This site, which Adrienne shares with writing partner Martie Cook, gives information on a new script consulting business geared toward writers of all kinds.
John August
(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Go )

A ton of useful information about screenwriting, largely directed towards newer screenwriters. Extensive Q & A's.
Mary Batten
(Time-Life, National Geographic, Children's Television Workshop, Future MedEx,Disney)

Includes quotes from one of Mary's recent books, a list of her recently published articles, and her biography.
Jeffrey Berman
(Miss Romance, The Witness, The Postal Police, My New Dad, Wishing, The Tourists, On The Air; The Last Rainmaker, The Biography of J.K. Rowling, Guilty Of Suspicion, The Write Environment; Other credits:, co-founder)

A site that features interviews with writers and tips on the art of writing for the entertainment industry.
Erik Bork
(Band of Brothers, From the Earth to the Moon)

Multiple Emmy-winner Erik Bork blogs on screenwriting craft, and offers one-on-one consulting and coaching.
Terry Borst
(Wing Commander III, Wing Commander IV, BUGS, Midnight Runaround)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Terry Borst--or at least enough to get by for the pop quiz.
Larry Brody
(Star Trek, Diagnosis Murder; Producer: Police Story, The Fall Guy, Partners In Crime, Mike Hammer)

An insider's look at television writing, with how-to sections on everything from structure and characterization to pitching and making contacts, and includes free chat, a message board, and a free email service for writers.
James Bruner & Elizabeth Stevens
(Ice Dreams, Missing In Action, The Delta Force)

Bruner and Stevens are screen and television writers whose first thriller novel is coming out soon. Also includes bios, news and projects in development.
Allison Burnett
(Bleeding Hearts, Red Meat, Autumn in New York, Perfect Romance)

A website about the writer and director.
Lonnie Burr
(Two For The Show: Great 20th Century Comedy Teams, Fame, The Mouseketeer's 25th Anniversary Special )

Monthly current updates re: the 1950's Mickey Mouse Club and Mouseketeers, retro articles/photos+, credits, special offers (books, tape).
Ellen Byron
(Wings, Just Shoot Me, Still Standing)

TV writer Ellen Byron shares the latest updates on her award-winning humorous mystery book series, and blogs about the author life.
Matthew Chapman
(Runaway Jury [shared credit], Consenting Adults)

Contact details, bio, credits.
Paula Cizmar
(American Family)

An eclectic mix of info on useful writers tools and resources, plus news on Paula's upcoming projects, cool links, and the text of reviews and scripts.
Steve Clements
(Welcome Back, Kotter, Three's Company)

Steve Clements improves writing and oral communications skills for business. He works on an individual and group basis to teach techniques essential for effective oral performances and written presentations. This site provides details on his methods.
Allan Cole
(Quincy, The A-Team, Werewolf, Walker, Texas Ranger; Novels: A Reckoning For Kings, The Sten Series, The Timura Trilogy)

Allan's page features sample chapters and covers of his 18-plus novels, as well as author's readings and music inspired by his work.
Jon Cooksey
(Killjoys, So Weird, Halloweentown)

Includes blurbs on projects in development, minty-fresh bio and resume, and a link to my site for How to Boil a Frog, the documentary about saving civilization (with comedy). Enjoy!
Skye Dent
(Star Trek: Voyager)

This blog includes my published and non-published articles, columns, and meanderings that primarily deal with writing and rights.
John Fasano
(Another 48 Hours, Darkness Falls, Universal Soldier: The Return, Sniper Reloaded, The Hunchback, Stone Cold, Saving Jessica Lynch, Hannah's Law, )

The site lists my writing/producing/directing credits, info about writing classes I'm teaching, production artwork, public appearances I'm going to make and links to books and magazine articles featuring my work.
Jonathan Fernandez
(Rob the Mob)

Jonathan Fernandez's writer's blogspot.
Richard Finney

Richard Finney is the author of the Amazon bestsellers 20 Rules for Professional Screenwriters and 19 Techniques for Professional Screenwriters. His blog features articles and resources targeted at Writers Guild members with the goal of getting writers to diversify their creative energies to take advantage of the different media opportunities.
Jack Fitzgerald
(Tequila, Sweet Promised Land, Beethoven's Nephew, La Nuit de Varenne)

This website deals with Jack's newly published novel about a film star who reveals a bombshell via her tell-all autobiography: she started off in life as a man! The title of the book is Contessa: An Unexpurgated and Intimate Autobiography of the Great Star as told to Jack Fitzgerald. The website includes tidbits about Jack's background as a screenwriter and playwright in the USA, Mexico, and France.
Patrick Given
Script E.R. is a collective of WGA writers offering private, genre specific classes in outlining, writing, rewriting and pitching Hollywood film and TV projects. Our teachers have sold scripts to WB, Univ, DreamWorks, Disney, Paramount, ABCTV, SyFy channel and more! We're suitable for absolute beginners as well as for veterans seeking a peer to peer sounding board.
Bart Gold
(Band Camp)

In addition to writing for film (Universal) and television (PBS, TNT), Bart Gold is an accomplished visual artist- as showcased on
Michael Steven Gregory

Updated info on annual San Diego retreat. Ongoing "Prognosis of a Movie Unmade" and "Evolution of a TV Script" series, from First to Final Revised Draft--the bad and the good in all its bitter black & white!
Michael Halperin
(Black Wheels,Star Trek: The Next Generation, Falcon Crest, The Fall Guy, Quincy)

Some life information; books for writers and novels (that I hope you'll buy); plays and other items you may find interesting -- or not! Want to know more? Check out the website.
Bob Harris
(CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)

I'm a former writer for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Over the years, I've also been a stand-up comedian, an AP-award winning syndicated radio humorist, on-air talent for TLC's Mostly True Stories, a contributor to magazines ranging from the Humanist to National Lampoon, and one of Jeopardy's all-time biggest winners.
Carol Hatfield
(Lucy Webb Show, Wilton North Report, Whatever Became Of...?, American Music Awards, Blind Date)

Included on the site are credits, articles, sketches, commercial parodies, a sitcom sample, and an AVI video clip.
Marc Hershon
(Santa Jr., Monster Makers, cable movies for the Hallmark Channel)

A personal website, with information about the many things I'm into (including improvisational comedy) and a resume of my writing projects.
Odie Hawkins
(Sanford and Son, The Big Party, Old Sister)

Contains the various titles of works by Odie Hawkins, in television, movies, radio; including four recently published books.
Ryan Hopak
(Hollywood Squares, Street Smarts)

My goal has always been to make the world laugh, whether it be through comedic acting, writing or producing. Now I'm venturing into Weird Al territory by having Dr. Demento play my song parodies on the radio! Please give a listen to my songs "I Like Ebert" and "Tribal Council." Have a good laugh!
Robert Illes
(City Guy, Goode Behavior, Sister, Sister, Amen, Motown Revue Starring Smokey Robinson, Silver Spoons, Private Benjamin, The Mary Tyler Moore Hour, Dick Clark's Good Ol'days: From Bobby Sox to Bikinis, The Carol Burnett Show, Fernwood 2Night, America 2Night, What's Happening)

Chatting about my adventures in television comedy, comedy in general, venting on politics, and whatever.
April Kelly
(Mork & Mindy,Webster, 9 to 5, Love Sidney, Boy Meets World)

This site hosts fiction written by former TV writer/producer, April Kelly. Currently shown are Winged (literary fiction), Murder In One Take and Murder: Take Two (mysteries...well, duh).
Jon Kroll
(Amanda & the Alien, Movie Magic, How'd They Do That?, Clones: The DNA War)

Contains information about all of Jon's current and upcoming projects with downloadable production photos, cast and crew information.
Richard Krzemien
(Star Trek: TNG, The New Twilight Zone, War of the Worlds, Quiz Kids)

The Writer at Work, is a weekly comic created by member Richard Krzemien. Updated every Monday, the comic highlights the joys and challenges faced by creative people everywhere through the eyes of The Writer.
John Kuri
(One More Mountain,Ohara)

Elixir Entertainment Company, Inc. is developing motion pictures, television programming, and streaming content as well as advertising networks for the digital out-of-home space through its Elixir 3D division.
Paul Levine
(JAG, First Monday, the Jake Lassiter novels, Solomon vs. Lord)

The site includes a sneak preview of the novel, Solomon vs. Lord, described by one critic as "Moonlighting in the courtroom."
Brent Maddock
(Co-written with Steve Wilson: Short Circuit,Short Circuit II, Batteries Not Included, Hearts and Souls, Tremors, Tremors II)

Brent and writing partner Steve Wilson are part of Stampede Entertainment. This site lists upcoming projects, gives background on some of their films, and includes a Tremors II fan section.
Jorjeana Marie

Screenwriter and playwright Jorjeana Marie, author of Improv for Writers.
Rich Martini
(Three For the Road, You Can't Hurry Love, Limit Up)

This site features clips from my various films in real media, as well as pix from what I've been up to.
Christy Marx
(Captain Power, Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, Hypernauts)

Christy has worked as a showrunner, developer, story editor and writer for film, live-action TV, animation, computer games, comics and books. Her website features agent information, detailed credits, a writing FAQ page, autobiography, and the Moggyblog.
Andrea Carla Michaels
(Designing Women, Dick Clark's Challengers)

Andrea is a a former stand-up comic and gameshow/sitcom writer who now lives and works in San Francisco, where she's a professional namer of companies and products. This site provides links to her resume, name lists, and her various radio appearances.
Karyl Miller
(The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Cosby Show)

Sitcom School, Story 911!, Am I Right?, Daily Variety columns, and resume. You'll laugh and learn.
Matt Neuman
(Not Necessarily the News, Saturday Night Live, Fridays, This Just In, Lily, Bob and Ray, Jane, Laraine, and Gilda, The Chicken Little Comedy Show)
Tom O’Connor is my central hub. It lists my credits and links to the other things I’m working on, etc.
Mark Panik

Don’t Panik! is an award-winning, full-service, cleverly-hyphenated marketing agency located in sunny Carlsbad, California. We provide full-service campaign concepts, video production, post-production services, graphic design, and social media marketing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Whatever you do, always remember—Don't Panik!
Barry Pearson

Barry offers free advice and resources for screenwriters and links to over 100 screenplay writing articles.
Doug Richardson
(Die Hard 2, Bad Boys, Money Train, Hostage, Welcome to Mooseport)

What is being a professional Hollywood writer really like? Richardson takes you into the trenches sharing his tricks and tips for a long-term career.
Michael Rissi

The site has info about me, but is especially about the video production services my wife and I offer to all prospective filmmakers and videomakers out there!
Lynn Rogoff

Media producers for film, TV, CD-ROMS, books & games. Discover our wide selection of current titles. Read our reviews and awards. Hear our Theme Song and Indian Prayer. Watch for News Flashes. Jump on the Brand Wagon!
Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott
(Little Monsters, Aladdin [shared credit], The Puppet Masters [shared credit], Mask of Zorro)

Essays on screenwriting by Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott, and other professionals. Insider tips, practical advice. Designed specifically for first-time writers attempting to break into the business.
Tim Sandlin

This site is a brief tribute to Tim Sandlin, created by one of his fans.
Lane Sarasohn
(The Groove Tube, Not Necessarily the News, Comic Relief, This Just In,World's Funniest Videos)

Complete credits, sample writings - commercial parodies, limericks, comedy sketches - and several avi clips.
Thomas B. Sawyer
(Murder, She Wrote, Alice Goodbody, All in the Family, B.J. and the Bear)

Novelist, screenwriter, playwright Thomas B. Sawyer was Head Writer/Producer-Showrunner of the hit series, Murder, She Wrote, for which he wrote 24 episodes. Tom has written 9 network TV pilots, 100 episodes, and has been Writer/Showrunner or Story Editor on 15 network series. He wrote, directed & produced the cult film comedy, Alice Goodbody, is co-librettist/lyricist of Jack, an opera about John F. Kennedy that has been performed to acclaim in the U.S. and Europe. He is co-creator of Storybase software. The best-selling mystery/thriller, The Sixteenth Man, is his first novel. Both his latest book, Fiction Writing Demystified, and Storybase, are Writer's Digest Book Club Selections. His next thriller, No Place to Run, will be published in 2005. Mr. Sawyer has been nominated for an Edgar and an Emmy. Tom, his wife Holly, and cats live in Malibu, California.
Scott Schaefer
(The Arsenio Hall Show, Say What?)

Online resume and examples for three-time National Daytime Emmy Award winning Writer (Bill Nye the Science Guy [PBS]) with over 16 years' experience in TV, multimedia, Internet and interactive TV.
Steven L. Sears
(Grand Slam, Hardcastle & McCormick, A-Team)

Professional information, "fan" information (not of me, of my shows), quirky notions and things in my life including photo galleries of the aforementioned life. Credits also include: Xena, Sheena, Raven, Swamp Thing, Jesse Hawkes, Grand Slam, SHE Spies, Walker-Texas Ranger, Superboy, Highwayman, Stingray, A-Team, Hardcastle & McCormick, Riptide.
Linda Shayne
(All Dogs Go to Heaven)

A website about the writer and director Linda Shayne.
William Jack Sibley

website for Bill's novel Any Kind Of Luck, in which the author takes a satirical yet heartfelt romp through the social mores of small town Texas. In the heartland of bubbas, Baptists and bluebonnets, a prodigal son returns home to carve out an authentic existence and make peace with his past.
Richie Solomon

Videogame writer Richie Solomon has established a “Go To” resource during awards season for the latest list of screenings and For Your Consideration (FYC) events. Bookmark this page as reference for the fall/winter, or subscribe!
Ronald B. Solomon
(Saved By The Bell, California Dreams, Hang Time, The Adventures of the Girls Next Door, USA High)

This is the website for Ronald's independent publishing company, "Swingset Press." Ronald and his wife publish and distribute children's books that are in toy and gift stores across the country.
Elizabeth Stevens
(Ice Dreams)

Elizabeth and her writing/producing partner, James Bruner, are screen and television writers. Her book Mister D: A Children's Picture Book About Overcoming Doubts and Fears is available on Amazon. Also includes bios, news and projects in development. The first thriller novel from Bruner and Stevens is coming out soon.
Whitley Strieber
(Communion) is among the largest websites of its kind in the world. It provides daily news of the edge of science and reality and is the forum of Whitley Strieber where he interacts with his fan base through his long-running podcast Dreamland and the extensive and active fan community on the site.
Michael Tabb

Decade-long, WGA current and active member Michael Tabb's website. He is known best by WGA members for his guild service, including co-creating the Mentor Program, the slew of panels he orchestrated for the Writers Education Committee, 2007-8 captain, volunteering assistance with the Writers Guild Foundation's outreach program for inner city youths, and more.
David E. Tolchinsky

All about the author.
John Truby
(21 Jump Street)

Check out Truby's story structure breakdowns of hit movies and best screenplay nominees, writing tips, interviews, complete software and course descriptions and more.
J. Elvis Weinstein
(Freaks and Geeks, Dead Last, America's Funniest Home Videos, Malcolm and Eddie, Later with Greg Kinnear)

Free music, comedy, animation, guest essays and more. You can waste up to an hour! Enjoy!
Robert K. Wilcox
(Simon & Simon, Frank's Place,The Famous Teddy-Z, The New WKRP in Cincinnati, Legend)

This is a site for writers with a little history and politics thrown in. Along with film and TV, I write fiction and nonfiction - 10 books published so far (2011). All it takes is a little talent and lots of desire. See my "The Writer's Life" for how I did it. If I can help you, I will.
Steve Wilson
(Short Circuit, Short Circuit II, Batteries Not Included, Hearts and Souls, Tremors, Tremors II -- all co-written with Brent Maddock)

Steve and writing partner Brent Maddock are part of Stampede Entertainment. This site lists upcoming projects, gives background on some of their films, and includes a Tremors II fan section.
Marc Scott Zicree
(Space Command, Animorphs, Sliders)

My own YouTube Channel where I post about science fiction, including TV and movies. I also post there about Space Command, the new show I'm shooting.