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MARCH 3, 2021

Today we are launching the WGAW Rep Report, a newsletter for representatives of WGAW members. With timely announcements, compensation analyses and MBA explainers, the WGAW Rep Report will provide insight and information with the goal of maximizing overscale pay for writers.

In this first installment, we invite you to visit the newly-released Writers’ Deal Hub, where you will find the following resources:

  • Screen Deal Guide, which provides compensation statistics for feature writers, broken down by various categories, including studio, the writer’s experience level, and type of writing service (screenplay and rewrite).
  • TV Weekly Pay Calculator, which converts episodic fees into weekly rates and compares those rates to MBA weekly minimums and “span” rates.
  • Span and Options & Exclusivity primers, which provide detailed overviews of these two important MBA provisions applicable to TV writers. As more TV writer-producers see their episodic fees spread out over longer periods of time (“spanned’), it’s important to be aware of protections the WGA MBA provides, as well as where overscale terms may be negotiated, either to provide protections in excess of MBA minimum or to cover writers who are excluded from the MBA provision. Similarly, while Article 67 regulates exclusivity and studios’ right to insist on priority position for future services, there are limits to these protections. We encourage writers and their reps to seek overscale enhancements in these areas.

Additional resources will be added to the Writers’ Deal Hub over time. Using information primarily provided by agencies under our new Franchise Agreement, the Guild will publish guides on going rates for different work and other key individual deal terms. Again, our goal is to do everything we can to aid writers and their representatives in overscale bargaining.

Please contact the Agency Department if you have questions or suggestions for additional resources that would be useful in overscale negotiations.

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