• Writers Guild Award Winners

    See the list of winners for the 2019 Writers Guild Awards.

  • 3rd & Fairfax

    Tim Doyle (Last Man Standing, Speechless) discusses his TV series, The Kids Are Alright.

  • The Writers Workbench

    TWW revisits CES to find its Cool Thing winners and a new life-changing tech.

  • Start Button

    A new way for screenwriters to notify the Guild when a project begins and enable follow-up when payment's due.

  • Sexual Harassment

    A guide to member rights and employer responsibilities.

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WGFestival 2019 Guild Calendar
2019 Writers Guild Awards Winners Announced Press Room
Notify the Guild When You Start a Screenwriting Project Start Button

Writers Guild Awards
2019 Awards Show Highlights

Watch video highlights from the 2019 Writers Guild Awards Los Angeles show.

Get Paid on Time

TV/Digital writers, get the tools to take on late pay here.

No Writing Left Behind

What should a writer do if asked to leave written material with a producer after a pitch? Don’t do it.

Signatory Alert

These companies and individuals were placed on the Strike/Unfair List.

Read the Strike/Unfair List.

Foreign Levies

Foreign levies are fees collected in foreign countries to compensate rights holders.

Is the Guild holding foreign levies for you?

Guild Screenings

  • Friday Feb 22
    8 PM

  • Monday Feb 25
    8 PM


Credits Forms & Info

Why credits are important and how to protect them

Minimum Basic Agreement

The WGA collective bargaining agreement

Schedule of Minimums

The Guild's schedule of minimum payments

Know Your Rights

What Every Writer Needs to Know

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