• Deadpan Hope

    Tig Notaro reflects on how her worst year ever led to her becoming the “luckiest unlucky person” and her acclaimed Amazon series [i]One Mississippi[/i].

  • College Kid

    [i]Written By[/i] finds out what James Schamus has learned after all these years as a class act.

    Photo: Tom Keller

  • [i]3rd & Fairfax[/i]

    Chris Kelly on improv, sketch writing, and his semi-autobiographical movie, [i]Other People[/i].

    Photo: Maarten de Boer

  • Guild Screenings

    Robert Schenkkan and Andrew Knight discuss [i]Hacksaw Ridge[/i] after the Oct. 22 screening.

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[i]Oct[/i] 26
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2017 Writers Guild Awards

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Guild Screenings

  • [i]Saturday[/i] [i]Oct[/i] 22
    11 AM

  • [i]Saturday[/i] [i]Oct[/i] 22
    2 PM & 8:30 PM

  • [i]Saturday[/i] [i]Oct[/i] 22
    5 PM

    Q&A begins immediately after screening.

  • [i]Monday[/i] [i]Oct[/i] 24
    8 PM


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