Writers Guild Awards Final Voting
Vote now to determine the winners of the 2015 Writers Guild more

Writers Guild Awards Nominations
See the complete list of nominees for the 2015 Writers Guild Awards in all more

Race in America: On and Off Screen
On Thu, 2/19, this panel will examine how the lack of diverse voices offscreen affects the depiction of race more
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Happy Birthday, SRTP!
Now in its 10th year, the Guild's acclaimed Showrunner Training Program continues to evolve and adapt to the changing realities of the TV business. read more
Lisa Kudrow to Host 2015 Writers Guild Awards West Coast Show
Coming off the acclaimed HBO series The Comeback, Emmy-winning Friends actress-writer Lisa Kudrow is set to host the WGAW's 2015 Writers Guild Awards L.A. show. read more
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In Sickness and In Health
For Wash Westmoreland & Richard Glatzer life imitates art as the married writing team battles A.L.S. while scripting the emotional drama about Alzheimer’s Still Alice. read more
CES 2015: There’s Still No Place Like Ohm
The Writers Workbench once again braves the oceans of new “smart” and “connected” gizmos at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to dole out its annual “Cool Product” awards. read more