2016 Writers Guild Awards Submissions
Submit entries for the 2016 Writers Guild Awards in the Screenplay, Documentary, and Videogame more

October Guild Screenings
Aaron Sorkin (Steve Jobs), Jason Fuchs, (Pan), Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies), and John McNamara (Trumbo) visit this more

Post-Production for TV Writers
Join us on Sat, 10/17 for a crash course on TV post-production for writers with little-to-no experience in the more
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Guild Highlights
An Open Internet
The WGAW teams with musicians and media artists against ISPs looking to strike down the FCC’s open Internet order. read more
WGAW Announces 2015 Officers and Board of Directors Election Results
The Writers Guild of America, West today announced the results of its 2015 WGAW Officers and Board of Directors election. read more
Profiles & Features
The Outsiders
Pulitzer-nommed playwright, screenwriter, and veteran showrunner Jon Robin Baitz responds to critics of his LGBT historical drama Stonewall and explains why he’s always identified with those who’ve felt different from those around them. read more
The Writers Workbench: Keyboards to Go
What do you do if you need to take a full keyboard on the road but don’t want the hassle of traveling with a laptop? The Writers Workbench investigates some devices that might be the answer. read more