You want your television show or film to be the best, sell into the most markets, and get the biggest audience. For any television or film project to be successful it needs to attract the best writers and keep them. WGA members are recognized as the most talented professional writers in the entertainment industry.

Under a WGA agreement the writers you employ will be eligible to participate in the WGA Pension & Health Funds. These Funds, which are among the best in the industry, allow writers to qualify for portable medical and retirement benefits that follow them from job to job. Access to these benefits gives your company a significant competitive advantage in securing top talent.

The benefits you can provide by having your show written under a Guild contract will keep your writers happy and not bust your budget.


The WGAW will work with you to negotiate the terms of employment for writers.


The costs associated with being a WGA-covered show are reasonable. There is no cost to become signatory and the amount that goes into the writers’ pension and health funds are modest.

To learn more, contact WGAW Animation at (323) 782-4511 or email: WGAW Animation.


Are you a writer about to enter into an employment or purchase agreement on an animated theatrical, television, or new media project? Are you currently writing for a daytime or primetime animated television series and do you want WGA coverage? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of WGA coverage?

Read about the WGAW Animation Writers Caucus, to find out how.