• Penner, Storyteller

    The Bye Bye Man’s Jonathan Penner on surviving Hollywood and the joys of making terrible things happen to nice people.

  • 3rd & Fairfax

    Manchester by the Sea’s Kenneth Lonergan on exploring every story’s authentic voice.

  • His Way

    Ben Affleck on Live by Night and the price of making your own rules.

    Photo: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

  • New In the Room

    Written By’s writers’ room survival guide for first and old timers alike.

  • CES 2017

    The Writers Workbench revisits Disneyland for adults to hand out its Cool Things Awards.

  • Awards Nominees

    See the complete list of nominations for 2017 Writers Guild Awards.

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Jan 25
Atomic Football: The Nuclear Playbook in a Strange New Era Guild Calendar
2017 Writers Guild Awards Videogame Writing Nominations Announced Press Room
Susannah Grant to Receive Paul Selvin Award for HBO’s Confirmation Press Room

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