Age Discrimination Lawsuit-Privacy Objections Update

During the past months, some Guild members filed objections to the disclosure of personal information in connection with age discrimination lawsuits that are pending in Los Angeles Superior Court. In late June, members who filed objections will receive a follow-up notice from the class action administrator in Seattle. 

The plaintiffs in the age discrimination cases have filed a motion asking the court to overrule the objections in certain respects. The motion will be heard by the court in September. The notice contains important information about your right to participate in that process, including the right (either personally or through a lawyer) to submit written comments to the court, and to appear and speak at the court hearing in September.  

There is a wide range of opinion among Guild members about what, if any, information should be disclosed in connection with the litigation. Given the diversity of views, the Guild cannot take a position on plaintiffs' motion, nor advise individual members about their objections. The Guild will, of course, assure that any disclosure ordered by the court is carried out in a secure and responsible fashion.

 We urge all members to read the notice carefully in considering their rights.  Additional information can be accessed at the litigation website: