Strike/Unfair List*  

Please be advised that the following companies and individuals were placed on the Strike/Unfair List at the last Board meeting:

TAFT 2006, L.L.C.
James Huntsman

Bellatrix Development Company
Durrant-Fox Productions, Inc.
John Laing

Please be advised that the following company and individuals were removed from the Strike/Unfair List:

Paloma Films SRL
Lucio Bompani
Lori Hill
Terence Hill aka Terrance Hill


The WGA Strike/Unfair List can be found on the WGAW site under the “IF YOU’RE A MEMBER” section. 

*Note: The exclusion of a name from the Strike/Unfair List does not mean that it is a signatory. Please call the Guild’s Signatory Department at 323 782-4514 to verify the signatory status of a company.