The Hotlist: May 2013
A Guide to the Web’s Most Cutting Edge New Media Content

Compiled by Elliot Feldman 

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The Hotspot 
The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract. 

The One Percent

The One Percent is a Web series made on a small budget with good production values. It is about three young and attractive aspiring actresses attempting to survive the real world of Hollywood. Stars Vanessa Giordano, Marcie B. Scott and Daffany McGaray Clark are also the creator/producers, along with writer Benjamin C. Jones.

Jim Romanesko is a veteran online news journalist who is well-respected by other news writers, particularly veterans from traditional news media. His blog was long a part of the respected non-profit journalism school website Poynter Institute. In 2011, Romanesko left Poynter and started his own independent blog,

"Truthdig" is an award-winning news site launched by publisher Zuade Kaufman and veteran journalist Robert Scheer. It describes itself as offering "expert coverage of current affairs" from a progressive point of view. In 2012, Truthdig won a Webby Award for "best political blog." Contributors have included Gore Vidal, Chris Hedges, Juan Cole, and Amy Goodman.


Antenna Free TV
"Listen to us talk about watching television." This is the motto for Joel Keller's Antenna Free TV podcast and Web site. Keller is a veteran television industry critic/podcaster, best known for his podcast features and reviews on the TV Squad Web site. Antenna Free TV is the Web site for Keller's independent podcast about television industry news and reviews. His presentation is intelligent and droll, and worth a listen.
David Feldman (no relation) is a longtime standup comic and veteran television writer (Roseanne and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart). The David Feldman Show is his often hilarious podcast. Featured guests have included Bobby Slayton, Laura Kightlinger, Nathan Lane, Jonathan Katz, and Martin Short.


DBW is the online companion to Digital Book World, a major conference for publishing professionals focusing primarily on current and future technology and platform changes affecting the commercial publishing industry. The web site includes a daily email blog for DBW members, as well as Web casts from past conferences and member forums.

Download The Universe
Download The Universe is a collaborative Web site between a group of noted scientists and veteran online writers including Annalee Newitz and Seth Mnookin. DTW describes itself as "a growing guide to the world of science e-books." The site's key goal is to "review books about science that only exist in the digital world."


eclectix is an online arts zine that focuses on "selecting the best art in various styles, doctrines, and methods." Its content primarily includes "rotating features on artists, exhibits and cultural news," all from a San Francisco Bay Area arts scene perspective.


To This Day Project
In 2011 Canadian poet, artist and performance artist Shane Koyczan launched an animated version of his anti-bullying poem "To This Day" on YouTube. It went viral, accumulating over 7 million views by 2013. Recently, Koyczan launched his companion Web site, the To This Day Project. It has become a successful forum for discussion on the topic of bullying.

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