Call for Submissions: “The Gay Scene, Year 9”
You don’t have to be gay – just a great writer! – to submit to “The Gay Scene” 

(October 3, 2013) 

Deadline: Tuesday, October 8 

The WGAW’s Gay and Lesbian Committee is seeking submissions for “The Gay Scene, Year 9,” its annual event hosting staged readings of a dozen LGBT-themed scenes from Guild members’ unproduced screenplays, short film scripts and teleplays and produced/unproduced stage plays. The event will be held this year on November 14.

Entries may come from existing TV, film or stage scripts. Members can also write their own single scene for the Gay Scene event. In this case, the same parameters listed below apply, but it can be part of a work in progress or simply its own stand-alone scene. Gay and Lesbian Committee members will cast and produce the scene, which will be directed by the writer.

The Gay Scene is an excellent opportunity for writers to see their work performed and read in front of an audience. Many scenes presented over the past nine years have gone on to various forms of professional development and production as a result of being seen by industry folks, who regularly attend each year.

To be considered for entry in “The Gay Scene, Year 9” Guild members should submit the following:

  • A five-minute, stand-alone scene with a maximum of four characters. (Rule of thumb: one script page per minute, submit no more than five to six pages; longer scenes will be disqualified). For screenplays, you may edit and consolidate several short consecutive scenes to total five minutes.
  • A paragraph introducing the actual script, what it’s about and how the submitted scene fits in. If you're writing a scene specifically for the event, please indicate what you envision the scene potentially being a part of (short or feature film, webisode, stage play or teleplay). The scenes, which will be judged on quality as well as castability, should be submitted in hardcopy to: WGA Diversity Department, attn: The Gay Scene – or via email, in .pdf format, to Diversity.

    Scenes must specifically be about gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender characters, rather than just including one. Scripts must be WGA registered. Writers may submit more than one scene, in which case, each must be submitted as a separate entry.

    All WGA writers are eligible-- and encouraged-- to submit. 


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