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News Release: June 17, 2014
WGAW Supports Introduction of Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act 

LOS ANGELES -- The Writers Guild of America, West commends Senator Leahy and Representative Matsui for their introductions of the Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act in the Senate and House, respectively. This significant piece of legislation recognizes the Internet must remain free of fast lanes benefitting only large corporations, to the detriment of consumers. Our members, the writers of television, online programming, film, and news, support an open Internet allowing Americans to access legal content on the device of their choosing, whether that be their television, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Allowing Internet Service Providers to divide the Internet into haves and have nots will stifle innovation and the creation of content.

The WGAW applauds Senator Leahy and Representative Matsui’s leadership on this issue and hopes other members of Congress will join them protecting the Internet, a driver of jobs, creativity, and commerce.