The Project Page is a new writer tool the WGAW is launching to help screenwriters be more informed at the initial point of contact on any feature project.

The Project Page collects all the key information in one document, such as: the logline, how many other writers are competing for the job, how long the project has been in development, or if there is a director, actor or other talent attached and whether IP rights have been secured.

Have your rep ask producers to fill the form out before sending you projects or simply send the form directly to a producer yourself. This begins the conversation on any new project with transparency.

For instance, if the Project Page informs you that the rights on the underlying IP are not closed, you can then decide whether you want to wait before pitching on the project.

Our hope is that Project Pages become industry-standard and are utilized by writers, representatives, producers and executives alike to convey crucial information about feature opportunities.

Please contact Shelagh Wagener in the Agency Department if you have any questions.

Download the Project Page