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MICHAEL RUSSNOW's novel Hollywood On the Danube, loosely based on his job as an expat story editor on the first prime-time soap opera in Hungary, is available on Amazon and Kindle. Plus, Amazon Prime subscribers can "borrow" it online for free and I still get royalties! The logline is "A novel demonstrating backstabbing exists worldwide."

ABBIE BERNSTEIN’s MASTER OF HORROR: The Official Biography of Mick Garris covers the horror filmmaker’s career through his own words and those of his loved ones, friends, and colleagues, chronicling his days as front man for the band Horsefeathers, to his work with a certain diminutive droid at the Oscars, and collaborations with everyone from Steven Spielberg to Stephen King. From director John Landis’ foreword: “Mick did all kinds of things ... I’ll leave for you to discover when you read ... Abbie Bernstein’s excellent book–which I strongly recommend you do.” Available August 13 from ATB Publishing.

KIRBY TIMMONS’ article in Medium: "NEANDERTHAL: The Last Word on The New N-Word", which picks up on the recent political controversy around Homo sapiens' long-lost cousins and reveals some surprising facts about them, and us.

KEVIN DEL PRINCIPE and NIKKI BROWN's (now Nikki Del Principe) thriller feature Up on the Glass, distributed by Gravitas Ventures, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. The husband and wife creative team wrote and produced their debut feature film that Kevin also directed. Up on the Glass is about a wanderer who desires his friend’s life and wife. One heinous act makes this possible, but he finds living his friend’s life is a dangerous lie. For more information about the film, visit Kevin and Nikki now live and work in Memphis, TN where they continue to tell the untold stories of the Midwest and Mid-South through their production company Save Them Wild Dogs.

SCOTT SANFORD TOBIS would love for his fellow writers to follow his ongoing series, “My Celluloid Antidepressant,” at the website CulturalWeekly. In addition, he is a regular contributor to Southbay magazine, and crafted a recent article on the seemingly forgotten writer/director/bon vivant Preston Sturges, the first recipient of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. At the moment, he is putting the finishing touches on Trigger Warnings, a new pilot that was showcased as part of the WGAW’s The Disability Scene.

MICHAEL HALPERIN’s non-fiction My Name is David: Search for Identity, an extraordinary true post-Holocaust odyssey, takes the reader into the life of a young Jewish boy rescued from the Warsaw Ghetto by Polish-Christians. Hiding behind a Polish identity, he undertakes an existential odyssey with his rescuers who refuse to abandon him as they traverse war-ravaged post-Holocaust Europe seething with a new rise of Anti-Semitism. “Michael Halperin has written an impressive document about David Gilat’s journey to self-discovery that will contribute to our understanding of those important times.”—Havi Dreifuss, Ph.D., Dept. of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University

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Torn between writing for film and pioneering everything 3D, screenwriter LINDA LANE takes readers on a roller coaster ride in Laser Lady Meets the Light Junkies: A Hollywood Memoir Highpoint Lit, July 21, 2020. In her quest to have her original screenplay, Revelation II, produced, Lane had to find a physicist/holographer capable of making a larger-than-life-sized image for first-run theaters. By 1975, the author had morphed into Laser Lady, a persona exemplified by holograms and a coterie of exotic Salvador Dali-approved friends.

DEVRA MAZA's article "Angels in Lockdown" has been awarded Honorable Mention in the Los Angeles Press Club's Life in the Time of Coronavirus Contest in the category of Essay Writing. The article, which chronicles Devra's bicoastal experiences with both humor and pathos, as well as those of other prize winners, can be found on's Archives page where it will be permanently featured as part of the public record. It may also be read at on her Articles and Blog pages.

After 14 novels, DARRYL PONICSÁN's first non-fiction book is due on April 1. Inspired by Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck, Ponicsán's is titled I Feel Bad About My Dick.

WGAW members living or visiting Ensenada, Baja California, who are interested in socializing and building community with other arts/industry-minded individuals, are welcome to contact CAROL ROPER.


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