A writer’s position in the entertainment industry is determined largely by his or her credits. Their professional status depends on the quality and number of screenplays, teleplays, or stories which bear their names. The administration of an accurate and equitable system of determining credits is, therefore, one of the most important services the Guild performs for writers.

We have provided the following credits forms and information for your convenience. If you have any questions, please read this FAQ, or contact the Credits Department at (323) 782-4528 or email: Credits.

To learn more about how credits work, read these online WGAW credits manuals.

Notice of Tentative Writing Credits

Before writing credits are finally determined, and as soon as practicable following the completion of principal photography, a company is required to send a completed copy of the Notice of Tentative Writing Credits to the Guild and each participating writer.

Theatrical NTWC
Television NTWC
High Budget SVOD NTWC
New Media/Digital NTWC

For theatrical motion pictures, and television and new media motion pictures to which Television Schedule A (“TVSA”) applies, the NTWC may be sent to a participating writer via EMAIL only if the writer’s representative is also given email notice and only if the writer’s personal services contract includes the following: (a) the writer’s express agreement to receive notices by email; (b) the writer’s email address; and (c) the email address of the writer’s designated personal representative, which address must be an individual address and not a general company address.

For theatrical motion pictures, and television and new media motion pictures to which TVSA applies, the NTWC may be sent to the Guild via the secure transfer links below:

Theatrical Motion Pictures
Television Motion Pictures
New Media Motion Pictures

Television Collaboration Forms

These forms must be used when a writer-production executive and a writer who is not a production executive collaborate on an episode of an episodic series.

Application to Collaborate
This form must be completed prior to the rendition of writing services between both parties and filed with the Guild.

Certificate of Compliance
This form must be filed with the Guild after the completion of writing services and before or concurrently with the submission of the Notice of Tentative of Writing Credits for each episode.