In partnership with the WGAW, showrunners have pledged to take concrete action to create workplaces in which all members can thrive. Links to the pledge and related materials are included below.

Pledge and Participating Showrunners
Showrunners interested in signing the pledge and joining an upcoming anti-bias training should contact the initiative coordinator.

Showrunner Contact Form
Already signed the pledge? Please fill out this form to facilitate our follow up with you.

WGAW Community Standards (Download a printable version )
If you are a showrunner and need support implementing these standards, please contact Ann Farriday.

WGA Platform
Showrunners, or assistants, can post staffing needs on the staffing submission system, then filter, organize and review submissions in-platform. If you or your assistant would like training and support on how to post job openings on the staffing submission system, please reach out to Online Services.