The market for scripted podcasts is growing. If you are employed to write a scripted podcast, you can get your work covered under a Guild agreement.

You will need to insist on WGA coverage from the start and make sure your employer signs on to the Podcast Sideletter of the MBA. Securing WGA coverage for your scripted podcast comes with significant benefits which may include:

  • Minimum Compensation: The current minimum the company can pay you for your writing services on a scripted podcast project for any 12-month period must be $43,862. The terms under the podcast agreement are minimums and you or your reps should try to negotiate overscale compensation as well as other more favorable terms with the company.
  • Credits: Writing credit on a podcast must be given to the writer in the same way as the most prominent personal credit given to any other person receiving audio or visual credit on the podcast. This includes any derivative content adapted from the podcast like movies and TV.
  • Pension, Healthcare and Paid Parental Leave: The company will be required to make pension and health contributions and you will access to the paid Parental Leave benefit if you are qualified for them under the health care plan.
  • Separated Rights: As writer of the original literary material of the podcast, you are entitled to Television rights and Podcast Reserved rights of the original story material.

For help getting a scripted podcast covered, contact the Contracts Department.