Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan
Writers Guild-Industry Health Fund

2900 W. Alameda Ave. #1100
Burbank, California 91505-4220
(818) 846-1015
Outside the Los Angeles area: (800) 227-7863

When you work for a signatory employer and they report covered earnings and remit contributions to the Health Fund, you may qualify for health coverage. Effective January 1, 2024, you need to earn $43,862 in covered earnings during a period of 4 or fewer quarters in order to receive one year of health insurance coverage. Once you reach this amount, there will be a lag quarter before your coverage begins. This will allow you to receive the enrollment package and return any necessary forms and pay your dependent premium to cover eligible family members. You may view earnings reported by your employers by going to the Health Fund's website at

Participant Services
The Participant Services Department at the Health Fund is available to answer your questions about Fund Coverage, levels of benefits, and claims. They are available 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday. Please call them at the numbers above.

You will automatically become a Participant in the Pension Plan the January 1 on or after the date when the first contribution to Pension Plan is required to be made on your behalf by an Employer. Generally, you are vested after accruing five Qualified Years of service (does not need to be consecutive). Once you are vested, you are eligible to receive a retirement benefit after meeting age requirements, even if you stop working as a writer. For more information, see the Summary Plan Description at

The Pension Plan and Health Fund are there for you to ensure that your employer is following the terms of their collective bargaining agreement and remitting pension and health contributions in the correct amounts and in the proper time period. To check your earnings, please log onto the Pension Plan/Health Fund's website at and go to the Eligibility section and review your work history. If you spot a discrepancy, please click on the Discrepancy Report form and provide the necessary information and documents so they can contact your employer. If you don't have internet access, please check your statements and return the Discrepancy Report form (which is the last page of your statement) to the address above. If you want to check your reported earnings, please call (818) 846-1015, press "3", then "2" when prompted.

Pension Plan Board of Directors and Health Fund Board of Trustees

Guild Directors/Trustees
Lise Anderson
John Auerbach
Patti Carr
Stan Chervin
Zoanne Clack
Ashley Gable
Ken Hanes
Lowell Peterson
Kate Purdy
Melissa Salmons
Robert Schneider
David Slack
Charles B. Slocum
Ellen Stutzman
Tom Szentgyorgyi
David N. Weiss
David Young
Lisa Zwerling

Producer Directors/Trustees
Mark Badagliacca
Amara Russell Bromberg
Katya Culberg
Jill Glosser
J. Keith Gorham
Jim Gray
Harry Isaacs
Hank Lachmund
Jane Lee
Carol Lombardini
Melissa Lopez Vantrease
Sean T. Quinn
Laura Ritchie
Marc Sandman
Mark Stubington
Jacob Vonk

Chief Executive Officer
Jim Hedges

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