Writers Guild of America West members can use the MyConnext Reporting Tool, a secure online platform created by the Hollywood Commission, to safely explore resources, learn your rights, and access procedures to report workplace misconduct. Use the tool to navigate harassment, discrimination, or abuse. Access the reporting tool anywhere, any time, on any device. 


Members can access the MyConnext Reporting Tool here after logging into their myWGA Account.


1. Send an Anonymous Message*
Send questions about reporting procedures to trained staff from the WGAW (called “Administrators”) in a safe, pressure-free space.
*This feature is not a live chat. In an emergency, please dial 911.
2. Log a Personal Record*

If you’re not ready to submit a report, safely create a timestamped record of your experience. If you file a report later, return to your saved record for important details.
*This record is not a report.
3. Report a Concern 
Report an incident you witnessed or experienced to a WGAW Administrator, with or without using your name. Go at your own pace. Return later if you need more time to edit your report.  
4. Use Hold For Match
Report an incident without going it alone. Perpetrators often harm multiple people. If you choose to report or use hold for match, you might help someone else to come forward.

With Hold for Match, you create an anonymous report and store it for release pending a match. When another user from your organization reports the same person, the system will create a “match” and release both reports to a WGAW Administrator.

If necessary, the Administrator may contact both users to confirm that it is the same person being reported.
5. Explore Your Rights
Securely access WGAW policies on harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and conduct in the workplace and learn more about procedures to report wrongdoing. 
6. Speak With the MyConnext Ombuds
Your unbiased, confidential, and safe resource for information. Schedule time with the MyConnext Ombuds to ask questions, learn more about your rights, and explore your options.

To read more about the MyConnext Tool features, visit www.myconnext.org.
The Ombuds* are an independent, informal, impartial, and confidential resource provided through MyConnext to help you navigate the MyConnext online reporting tool. Ombuds provide a safe and confidential space for users to discuss their concerns over abusive workplace misconduct and evaluate options for reporting or taking other action.
*The Ombuds will not act as a witness in an internal investigation or in a civil or criminal case. 
Schedule time with the Ombuds.


The MyConnext Reporting Tool is powered and protected by Pluto 5000—a technology with trademark Data Locker technology and proprietary encryption to keep sensitive information safe and secure.