Looking for resources beyond the WGAW Good and Welfare Loans? The Guild has compiled a list of external programs to help members find financial, food, and wellness support. Although we hope this list proves helpful, the WGAW is not responsible for any of these initiatives nor liable for any outcomes.

CalFresh is for people with low-income who meet federal income eligibility rules and want to add to their budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the table.

California Women, Infants, & Children (WIC)
No one should go to bed hungry. If you need help, the WIC Program is working hard to support you and families with young children. We not only want to bring you food, we want to bring you hope. Better days are coming. Until they do, we’ve got your back.

Entertainment Community Fund
ECF offers a broad spectrum of programs, support groups, online resources, and emergency financial assistance to all who work in performing arts and entertainment.

Entertainment Health Insurance Solutions (EHIS)
A joint program of the Entertainment Community Fund and MPTF, EHIS offers California residents in the entertainment and performing arts community personalized counseling and enrollment support to ensure you understand and purchase the best plan to fit your individual and family needs.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
Locate one of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank partners to find a food pantry near you, or connect to other resources for individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. 

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LIHEAP is a federally funded energy assistance program that may help you pay your utility bill if you're income-qualified. Funds pledged to assist customers of SoCalGas® are distributed through local community-based organizations, assistance agencies, and certain government agencies.

Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF)
MPTF offers a variety of services that can provide emotional and financial relief to industry members and their families during times of need. Whether the hardship is personal or the result of an entertainment industry-wide event.

Percentage of Income
The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) helps you save more on your bill by capping monthly electric and gas charges at a set amount, plus taxes and fees. The four-year program begins in 2023 and is only available to a limited number of eligible CARE customers.

Student Debt Crisis Center (SDCC)
Representing over 2 million supporters SDCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on how the student debt crisis impacts individual borrowers. They provide tools, repayment information, clinics, and other resources to help.

World Harvest LA
World Harvest Charities and Family Services is a non-profit organization serving Los Angeles County. They offer a broad spectrum of social services and community development initiatives to foster a supportive and nourishing environment.