Christina de Leon is a queer Filipino and Mexican-American writer-director from the San Francisco Bay Area. She began breaking her way into TV when showrunner, Rob Thomas, walked into her place of work, The Coffee Bean. Being a huge Veronica Mars fan, Christina was thrilled to meet Rob…but she was chill about it! Over time, she shared with him that she, herself, was a writer and director. Four years later, Christina landed her first network staffing job on his CW show, iZombie. Christina also staffed on MGM/Will Packer’s half-hour family drama, The Baxters.

Before breaking into TV, Christina self-produced 14 episodes of her award-winning webseries, Nasty Habits—a slice-of-life anthology series featuring characters partaking in addictive habits. Most recently, she sold her original pilot, Clubhouse, to CW. When she’s not writing, she’s boxing, bouldering, walking her pup, Luna, and trying to keep her plants alive.

Ruby and Jess haven’t had sex in three months. With the help of her sexual Jiminy Cricket, Imaginary-Rachel-Weisz, Ruby works up the courage to ask Jess for an open relationship…on Valentine’s Day. This painfully real dramedy delicately explores the sexual struggles of a long-term queer relationship where sexual dysfunction and an eating disorder are present.

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