Bárbara Soares worked as a staff writer on the Emmy-winning Apple TV+ series Ghostwriter. She is a graduate of UCLA’s MFA screenwriting program and had her work featured on The Blacklist's 2020 Latinx TV List, a curated list of the most promising unmade Latinx-inclusive pilot scripts. She is currently developing a crime series set in her home country of Brazil with Dynamic Television.

As a Latinx immigrant raised on three continents, her life has never fit neatly into one box. She had her first kiss in Brazil, her first hangover in the UK, and her first high-interest credit card in the USA. Her stories are fueled by the isolation and identity crises she’s experienced, which have led to a lifelong curiosity about “weird shit” like the supernatural, cults, and serial killers. Happily, a curiosity that seems to be shared by many.

After joining an A.I. talent agency where she impersonates a CGI Instagram celebrity, a hacker finds herself at the center of a high-stakes conspiracy when that same celebrity begins enlisting her followers to commit suicide.

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CONTACT: Steven Selikoff, The Shuman Company, (310) 841-4344