(Updated 10/23/23)

  1. All WGA Members (Current, Post-Current, Associate) in Active Status are eligible to attend The Guild Screenings at the Writers Guild Theater for FREE. Your screening privileges are contingent upon your membership in the Guild. In the event that your WGA membership goes into arrears, you withdraw, or become automatically withdrawn, you will no longer receive screening notices or be eligible to attend the screenings. Please check with the Guild’s Membership Department if there is any question about your card or your status.
  2. Proof of Covid-19 Vaccine or Booster is no longer required. Masks are optional, but still recommended. N95/KN95 masks are available at the theater by request.
  3. Any member found guilty of rude or disturbing behavior, or mistreatment of fellow members or staff, will be suspended from The Guild Screenings. Members are responsible for their guests as well. We must insist on civilized conduct at these screenings, if we want to continue to receive films from the studios.
  4. Members with guests must wait for their entire party to gain entrance to the theater. Incomplete parties will not be checked inside; additionally, reserving seats inside the auditorium is prohibited. Holding seats is only acceptable when the member/guest is temporarily in the lobby area.
  5. Your WGA membership card is required for admittance to all Guild Screenings. Membership cards may be used ONLY by the member to whom it was issued. RSVPs are not necessary, unless we specifically note they are. You may be accompanied by TWO GUESTS (or other specified number as noted in the schedule). No other family member may use a member’s card. If requested by theater staff, your photo I.D. must also be shown. If you cannot produce both cards, you (and your guests) will be refused admittance.
  6. Children must be 16 and over to attend R-rated films.
  7. Theater doors open one hour prior to any screen time, and close promptly once the screening begins. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  8. The use of cell phones, electronic devices, and texting during the movie and unauthorized audio and video recording during Q&A’s is strictly prohibited. These activities may result in suspension from future screenings.
  9. There is NO smoking or outside food permitted in the theater. This includes gum and candy. Only popcorn purchased in the lobby and clear water bottles will be allowed into the theater. Theater staff will remove any unauthorized food, and the offending member may lose screening privileges.
  10. We ask that all members exercise care in the handling and return of 3D glasses. Please do NOT take these home with you. We need to ensure that there are a sufficient number of 3D glasses available for all screening times.
  11. Remember to take your trash with you and leave your area clean when you leave each screening.

We are excited to welcome all of you to our WGA theater community, but if the above rules do not meet with your approval, then please do not attend The Guild Screenings. The purpose of these rules is to ensure a good movie-going experience for all members.