WGA Platform Launches Feature Development Tracker


For months, TV writers have used the TV Development Tracker to stay informed about shows in development. Now, the WGA Platform puts that same power in the hands of screenwriters with its new Feature Development Tracker.

As the demand for content continues to grow, gathering information on upcoming projects can be overwhelming and time-consuming. The TV and feature development trackers on the WGA Platform put all of this information in one place, allowing you to see which projects are in development, ordered to pilot, ordered to series, or greenlit. You can browse through these lists page by page, filter by columns such as Network, Studio, or Genre, or use the search bar to find specific writers, producers, or other details.

The trackers are updated throughout the day by dedicated staff, so check back often for new projects and details. Or catch the latest additions in the newsfeed, recently added to the WGA Platform homepage. If something grabs your attention, click on the project to view its complete details, or go straight to the list to view all projects.

Go to wgaplatform.org to get started.

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