Do not work for these bad actors on the Strike/Unfair List.


When signatory companies undermine your rights or the terms of the MBA, the Guild holds them accountable. For certain types of unfair conduct, The WGAW Board of Directors may place a company or individual on the Strike/Unfair List.

Please be advised that the company Mainstreet 1 EOOD, and Gabriel Georgiev, have been placed on the Strike/Unfair List for failure to remit P&H contributions in connection with the project, “Devil’s Brigade.”

In addition, WGAW officers have placed Existential Crisis, LLC on the Strike/Unfair List for failure to enter into a collective bargaining agreement while engaging the services of a WGA member.

Members are prohibited from working for companies on the Strike/Unfair List, according to Working Rule 10, and violation of this rule is grounds for discipline. As always, it is a member’s responsibility to confirm that a potential employer is signatory, and the absence of a company from the Strike/Unfair List does not mean that it is a current signatory. Consult the Signatories Lookup or the Signatories Department to be certain.

Through diligent enforcement and solidarity, we will defend the economic and creative rights generations of writers have fought for.