The new feature makes sharing your profile a breeze.


Your Find A Writer profile is a snapshot of your experiences that can help you land your next job. We’ve now created clear and personalized URLs using YOUR NAME so you can easily share your Find A Writer profile links just like you would your handles and webpages. Add them to your email signature, documents, social media profiles, or website for quick access.

To locate your personalized links, log into the WGA Platform, select “Manage Profile,” and scroll down to “Direct Links.” You will see two options: one for Find A Writer (public) that anyone can view, and one for Find A Writer (platform) that can be viewed only by those with a WGA Platform account.

Your URLs will be short and memorable, whether you’re sharing your public profile ( or in-platform profile ( Make sure to log into your WGA Platform account to find your designated links, as some have middle initials and added characters for the purpose of clarity.

If you have any questions, please contact Online Services.