Passage of the HEROES Act is needed now more than ever.

It’s time to TAKE ACTION! The Senate has had months to pass the House’s HEROES Act and provide additional relief from the devastating impacts of the coronavirus. Write to your senators today and tell them to support critical provisions of the House’s bill, to:

  • Extend the $600/week in unemployment benefits that so many in our industry rely on
  • Protect our multiemployer pension system and give our plan time to make up for the losses it sustains
  • Fully subsidize the cost of COBRA for those who lose healthcare coverage and are eligible
  • Increase funding for accessible broadband at a time when connectivity is a necessity

Read the June 22 letter to Senators Feinstein and Harris for more on the bill’s provisions and why they are important to writers.

To learn how existing federal relief legislation may affect you, check out our COVID-19 resources page.