Launched nearly a year ago, the WGA Platform has become an important resource for members and industry executives who are looking to connect during nationwide stay-at-home orders.

Despite the obstacles posed by COVID-19, development across the industry hasn’t stopped, with staff at many major networks and production companies continuing to conduct meetings, hear pitches, buy projects, and hire writers while working remotely. Over the past eight weeks, the WGA Platform has seen the number of executive accounts created and executive logins more than double. As executive and producer engagement continues to grow, the Guild’s Online Services Department, dedicated to the development of the Platform, recommends the following practices to help members fully utilize this tool.

Complete Your Profile

A few of the most important factors inquiring executives and producers look for when researching writers are their experience, credits, and availability. The Platform also allows members to include a biography and other information that gives executives insight into you. These are major factors when considering writers for projects, so it’s helpful for executives and producers to have this information on hand.

To complete your profile, log onto the Platform and select the “My Availability” and “My Experience” buttons from the menu bar. Be sure to also review your Find a Writer Profile for accuracy.

Submit a Cover Letter

Television staffing opportunities and Open Writing Assignments (OWAs) are managed by hiring executives directly and give you a great opportunity to leave an impression on someone who could potentially hire you now or in the future. When applying for staffing opportunities or OWAs, be sure to always include a cover letter and a writing sample to help readers evaluate your submission.

Those looking for representation can also submit a brief biography to the Literary Representation Memo, which is reviewed by managers and signatory agents.

Manage Your Outreach

This includes researching executives or producers before reaching out, submitting to the memos throughout the month, diversifying the number of companies you send general meeting requests to, and applying to the OWAs and TV staffing opportunities that best match your writing style.

Having prolonged exposure on the Platform not only familiarizes you with executives and producers, but also allows for opportunities to arise throughout the month. You can track all of your outreach and submissions by monitoring the “My Messages” and “My Submissions” sections of the Platform.

Keep an Eye on Your Emails

Whether you use the Platform or not, participating executives, producers, and franchised representatives can use it to contact you. For nearly a year, they have used the messaging feature on the Platform to request general meetings, scripts, and availability, or to contact writers who were previously out of reach.

Anytime someone reaches out or downloads materials for staffing consideration, members are notified via email. To keep from missing out on any opportunities, keep an eye on your emails and your spam folder.

To manage your email notification settings, select the “Settings” button on the upper left-hand side of the “My Messages” window, where you can opt to receive email notifications immediately, daily, or weekly.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Platform, please contact our Online Services department at Online Services.