Hollywood Writers Report

The 2016 Hollywood Writers Report: Renaissance in Reverse? is the tenth in a series of reports released by the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW) examining employment and earnings trends for writers in the Hollywood industry. These reports have highlighted three groups of writers — women, minority, and older writers — who traditionally have been underemployed in the industry. The reports have documented the employment experiences of these study groups relative to their male, white, and younger counterparts in order to identify any patterns that suggest either progress or retreat on the industry diversity front. Using the reports as a diagnostic tool, the WGAW seeks to collaborate with the industry in efforts to increase the employment opportunities of all writers.

2016 Hollywood Writers Report
2016 HWR Executive Summary

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2009 HWR Executive Summary

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TV Staffing Brief

The 2015 TV Staffing Brief examines employment patterns for 2724 writers working on 292 television shows during the 2013-14 season. These shows aired on 36 broadcast and cable networks and were subject to Writers Guild of America entertainment industry bargaining agreement. The data analyzed in this brief were collected for each show during the course of ongoing Guild business.

2015 TV Staffing Brief
2013 TV Staffing Brief