This link takes you to the DocuSign website where you can e-sign a letter notifying your agency they can no longer represent you for covered writing services if they haven’t signed the Code of Conduct.


This form will NOT automatically go to your agency after you sign it. The WGA will collect letters for each agency and send them in a group.

If you have any questions or concerns about the form, contact the Agency Department.

Many of you are familiar with and have electronically signed documents using DocuSign. However, if you need them, detailed instructions about how to use DocuSign are below.

The process of signing the document will look like this:

  • Go to the DocuSign form (link above)
  • Provide your name and email address and click “BEGIN SIGNING”
  • WGA Agency Department via DocuSign will send an email to that email address with a unique verification code
  • Check your inbox for this Agency Department/DocuSign email. Open the email to get the verification code
  • Enter the verification code into the DocuSign page and click “VALIDATE”
  • You will be asked if you agree to “use electronic records and signatures” for this document—click the box to agree and proceed
  • You will then see the text of the letter with two sections you must complete.
    • You will need to fill in the name of your agency, and then scroll down below your name to a yellow box where it says “Click here to sign.” (You may see a page that says “Adopt Your Signature.” This is asking if you approve the way your electronic signature appears. You can click “ADOPT AND SIGN” or change the appearance if you prefer.)
  • Once you’ve filled in the name of your agency and “clicked to sign” you’ll be asked if you want to finish the form.
  • Click “Finish” and you will be done.
  • You can then choose whether you would like a .PDF to download or a printable version of the letter you just completed or “close.” If you click “close” you will see the letter you just electronically signed. The upper left hand corner will say “your document is now complete.” You can then close the tab and you’ll be done.

    [Note: If instead of closing the tab on this “your document is now complete” page with the letter you just electronically signed you click “close” in the upper right hand corner, you will then see a page that says “You're Done! You'll Receive an Email Copy Once Everyone Has Signed.” Ignore this. No one else besides the WGA will get a copy of your letter and you will not receive an email copy once everyone has signed. This is a DocuSign default page that unfortunately can’t be turned off without also turning off the ability to print or download a .PDF of your letter.]

No one else besides the WGA (and eventually your agency) will get a copy of your letter and you will receive your email copy of your letter immediately after signing.