For Mid-Level Historically Underrepresented Writers

The mission of the TV Writer Access Project (“Project”) is to identify and provide increased access to WGAW members from groups that have been historically underemployed in television. The Project will also be of benefit to showrunners and other executives who are staffing television shows by creating a strong pool of diverse candidates for their hiring consideration,

WGAW members who meet the criteria for participation below are invited to submit one piece of literary material: one spec script for a television series in first run on either network, cable or streaming service as of November 8, 2021 OR one original spec pilot teleplay, in either the half-hour or one-hour format. The deadline for all submissions is 6 p.m. on Friday, December 3, 2021.


Scripts will be submitted to a panel of WGAW members including current and former showrunners and writer-producers, who will serve as judges for the Project. There will be two rounds of judging. Writers whose scripts are selected by the first-round judges will be considered semi-finalists. These scripts will be automatically submitted to a second round of judging, which will result in the selection of TV Writer Access Project honorees. These final selections will be made available to showrunners and other hiring executives for their consideration in the upcoming television staffing season. All judging will be on the basis of blind submissions; no names or other identifying information will appear on the literary material submitted to the judges. Judges will be required to return or delete the literary material upon completion of judging. Judges will not read spec scripts for shows on which they are or have been employed.

Please note: Each participant will be judged on the spec script or original pilot that has been submitted with the TV Writer Access Project application. Judges will have the option of reading a second submission from participants. A second piece of material will be requested from participants only if requested by a judge, but participants should have such material ready to submit. In the event that the original submission was a spec script, the second piece of material should be an original pilot, and vice versa.


  • As of November 8, 2021, a Project participant must be a Current or Post-Current member in Active status.
  • Project participant may not have been staffed in the past 6 months (as of Saturday, May 1, 2021).
  • Project participant must not have been a past honoree of the program.
  • If submission is made by a writing team, both writers must meet these prerequisites.
  • All dues must be current at the time of application.
  • (If your membership status is listed as “In Arrears”, please contact the Dues Department at (323) 782-4531 in order to arrange for payment in full (payment can be made by credit card) before submitting your application.)


  1. Each Project participant must be a member of one of the groups represented by an inclusion and equity committee at the WGAW, or a writing team comprised of at least one such person.
  2. Scripts will be judged in five categories:

    Category 1: BIPOC writers
    Category 2: Disabled writers
    Category 3: Women writers
    Category 4: Writers age 55 and over as of November 8, 2021
    Category 5: LGBTQ+ writers
  3. Writers shall specify ONE category from the list above in which they wish to be considered and shall only submit in one category.
  4. Participants must have the following work experience:

    (a) past employment in half-hour or hour staff writing position under WGA jurisdiction IN ADDITION to one produced, credited television script or one pilot teleplay written or sold under WGA jurisdiction in a half-hour or hour format.


    (b) A minimum of two (2) produced, credited made for television movies.
  5. Participants must submit one piece of literary material: (a) one spec script for a series that currently has episodes in first run (on network, cable, or streaming); OR (b) one spec pilot script. NOTE: (1) Episodic scripts written while on staff or as a freelance writer for a television series are not eligible for consideration. (2) Participants may not submit spec scripts that have been sold or are currently optioned to any company.
  6. Please be advised that spec scripts should include characters and situations in keeping with the current season’s usage in order to receive the most favorable response from judges. Judges will be advised that they can reject scripts that are improperly formatted or have an unacceptable number of typographical errors.
  7. Spec scripts submitted in previous years to the TV Writer Access Project are not eligible for re-submission – writers must submit a different spec script and/or pilot script to be eligible for the 2021-22 TV Writer Access Project. Participants may make separate submissions for the half-hour and the one-hour formats only if they have two pieces of material available for each (Note: the second piece of material for each suggestion should be available, but may not be requested).
  8. In addition to filling out the online application, participants must submit a signed release form together with the submitted material. Form may be downloaded here.
  9. Participants must submit proof of WGA script registration or copyright registration for each piece of submitted material.


  1. The deadline for all submissions (including literary material, application, signed release form and proof of registration) is 6 p.m. Friday, December 3, 2021. Participants will receive a copy of their completed application via email.
  2. Participants will be notified by email of the results of the judging process in both the semi-final and final round.
  3. It is anticipated that final selections will be made the week of February 21, 2022.  

If you have any questions about the submission process or the criteria for submission, please email the Inclusion and Equity Department with “TV Writer Access Project” in the subject line.

See the 2019 Writer Access Project honorees or see a list of all honorees.